Onsite re-hosing

Onsite re-hosing of hydraulic systems minimizes downtime and oil loss while driving down costs. Planned maintenance reduces the risk of system failures

Rubber-lining (Wear Protection)

Rubber-lining outlasts rhino-lining by up to three times and has an added advantage of repairability.

Belt repairs and wear protection

Hilmax has an upper-hand in belt supplies and maintenance over any other service provider.

Mining Machinery

Best mining machinery with drive and control that you need. Crushers, Mills, long travel drives, bucket wheels.


We provide a wide range of tools for various applications striking, lifting, presses, clamps, jacks, gauges,pullers etc

Fitting & Fabrication

We specialise in custom design of transfer point solutions for variety of different solutions. No spillag, no startup period problems.

Our Products

Hilmax is an accredited distributor for Galtech products.

At Hilmax we supply complete Hydraulic Sotuions that include components and systems, expert repair, testing, calibration and installation services. We offer quality design and maintenance of hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components and systems in the, agriculture, industrial, transport and utilities sectors

Service List

Antenna Sensor Loops

Antenna Sensor Loops are used to induce the signal of the transmitter (TX) to the receiver (RX). The transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) shoes are positioned at the bottom of the conveyor belt.

When the conveyor is running, the Antenna Sensor Loops moves past the TX and RX shoes and the signal is injected into the loop from the transmitter (TX) and then detected bythe reciever (RX) indicating a healthy Antenna Sensor Loop / No rip detected

Weba Chute Systems- fitting & fabrication

We specialise in the custom design of transfer point solutions. Hilmax Engineering is an Authorised Agent for Weba Chute Systems. The systems are designed using the principle of conveyed material impacting on surfaces that already contain material and are con- figured to control the direction, flow and velocity of the calculated volume and type of material processed. Systems are custom designed for specific applications taking into account factors such as belt width, belt speed, material sizes, shape and throughput. To date there are approximately 4000 successful installations throughout the world handling a variety of different materials.

Advantages of Weba Technology | Perfomance

  • Reduction in material degradation..
  • Removable covers
  • Greatly reduced maintenance costs.
  • Improved safety
  • No impact idlers
  • Uneven belt loading eliminated
  • Greatly reduced spillage

  • Reduced production loss
  • No skirting required
  • Inspection doors
  • Controlled material flow results in
    reduced blockages
  • Engineered to handle product surges.
  • Engineered to minimise plant down

This Can Be Secondary Heading

Looking for best conveyance, loading and transfer systems? look no further Hilmax Engineering is ready to provide best solutions that meet your needs

Feature List One

Feature List Two

Feature List Three

Hilmax Engineering is a distributor for Brelko Conveyor Systems. We have over 18 years experience as a supplier and advisor on spillage control to the bulk materials handling industry and offer proactive and ongoing maintenance for preventative spillage control and opti- mum belt cleaning. Through Brelko Hilmax Engineering supplies conveyor belt cleaning equip- ment for a trouble-free flow of materials at transfer and load points.

We provide installation and maintenance services. We supply, service and maintain our products throughout Zimbabwe with partners in Zambia and South Africa

Chem-Fix Cartridge Kit

The Chem-Fix Cartridge Kit is a cost effective ultra-fast repair solution for damaged areas for all types of conveyor belts, the rapid curing time allos for minimum downtime ensuring that production continues within a matter of Minutes.

The Chem-Fix Hand Mix Kit

The Chem-Fix Hand Mix Kit is a cost effective is a cost effective ultra-fast repair solution for damaged areas for all types of conveyor belts, the rapid curing time allos for minimum downtime ensuring that production continues within a matter of Minutes.


Sensor Loops, Coal control Sensor Loops and Conti-tech Sensor Loops. The antenna sensor loop that is embedded in the belt operates like a bridge between the transmitter and receiver of the scanner sensor interface.

Steel Cord Scanning System -Technology
This new Steel cord scanning system (Tru-Scan), takes seconds to generate a scan report generating perfect and crisp images of all damaged cords within the belt, along with accurate images of all splices, good or bad.

Slide Sledge Hammer

Slide Sledge provides the safest hammers on the planet. Our team is dedicated to increasing safety while decreasing hazards in the work- place associated with traditional sledgehammers and slap-hammers. The powerful Slide Sledge Multi-head Hammer reduces dangerous, time-consuming hammering jobs to a one-tool, one-person operation. It replaces the need for a traditional sledgehammer. When used properly, the Multi-head Hammer eliminates the risk of glancing blows, miss swings, and flying metal while delivering a precise blow on impact surface.
Our unique tips are specifically designed for your unique applications. Our specialty tips ensure you effectively navigate areas traditional hammers and chisels have difficulty reaching, often resulting in damage to equipment and personnel.

Hose & Fittings

Hilmax Engineering has a wide range of hoses from the world and re- gion’s best products. Hilmax Engineering is an Authorised Distributor of Eaton, Semperit and THC Fluid Conveyance products. These include Hydraulic hose and (spiral and braided), connectors, fittings, adapters, and industrial hose accessories. Hilmax provide energy efficient solutions that help customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems more efficiently.

Hilmax Engineering is an Authorised Channel Partner for the distri- bution of The Hydraulic Center (PTY) Ltd Hoses for industry, mining and other special applications. Hilmax is also entitled to distribute all the products and agencies carried by The Hydraulic Center (PTY) Ltd. These include Semperit (Austria), Galtech (Italy), DNP (Italy), Safeplast (Finland), Tognella (Italy), Taiffe (Italy). We have a range of compact hoses that have extraordinary performance values and is designed for modern high performance hydraulic applications.

Striking Tools

W e provide high quality striking tools for various applications. All tools are ISO 15601 and have high tensile steel rodes inside, non-slip grip, impact absorbing handle, positive locking plate forged head.

Superior conveyor belting at competitive prices

Hilmax Engineering is an accredited distributor of Interflex Conveyor Systems. Interflex is one of the leading players in the belting industry, backed by outstanding conveyor belt technology and expertise, The belt technology from Interflex can be found wherever raw materials are extracted, processed and distributed.

Interflex is the largest supplier of conveyor belting in the Southern Hemisphere. conveyor belting from Class 250 to Class 2000 and widths ranging from: 300mm – 1500mm wide. Our range includes Polyester- Nylon (fabric) and Steel cord belting in all grades (Oil Resistant, Flame Resistant, Heat Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Cut and Gouge Resistant etc

State of the art machinery and tools for quality service provision

Support Services

Conveyor belt splicing : steel cord splicing, textile reinforced splicing, PVC splicing, pulley lag-ging and repairs

Belt winding equipment for easy recovery include stationary and mobile wind- ers and are designed based on the application criteria. We cater for all belt widths up to 2200mm .
Large range of rubber pulley lagging and adhesives. Large and small diamond paterns as well as fire retardent lagging. Our range also include a bonder layer option.
Rubber vulcanizing equipment for stationary and mobile applications. Our range include pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical presses available in all belt widths and splice lengths.
  • Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings
    Supply of
  • Hydraulic Hose Crimping
  • Machines
    Repairs and Servicing of Crimping Machines
  • Hydraulic Equipment Trouble Shooting
    Repairs and
  • Replacements of Cylinder Pumps and Motors, control valves, hydraulic Rams (cylinders)
  • T.I.G Welding of hose fitting and other components
    Supply of conveyor belts, installation and maintenance
  • Supply of Vulcanizing Machines for belts splicing
  • Hot and cold splicing of conveyor belts
  • Rubber lining services
  • Transmission and conveyor chains
  • Fabrication and design of conveyor structures,
    chutes, launders etc.