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Hilmax Engineering distributes Power Team high-force hydraulic maintenance tools for engineering workshops and industrial sites.

We distribute and support these products across in ZImbabwe with full sales and support; repair and maintenance; and testing and calibration services provided through the factory headquaters. .

powerteam TOOLS

titan striking tools

We also provide high quality striking tools for various applications. All tools are ISO 15601 and have high tensile steel rodes inside, non-slip grip, impact absorbing handle, positive locking plate forged head.

Slide sledge hammer

The powerful Slide Sledge Multi-head Hammer reduces dangerous, time-consuming hammering jobs to a one-tool, one-person operation. It replaces the need for a traditional sledgehammer & slaphammers. When used properly, the Multi-head Hammer eliminates the risk of glancing blows, miss-swings, and flying metal while delivering a precise blow on impact surface.