Mining Machinery

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If you need low speed, high torque durable drive system that will work under the toughest conditions with minimal maintenance, then Hagglunds Drives is the best choice for you

Mining, mineral processing and materials handling are businesses which cannot accept even a single unplanned stop. Whatever you excavate, crush or refine, you need equipment you can trust. The Hagglunds name is found on tough hydraulic system solutions that are now part of the strong Bosch Rexroth portfolio, and Hilmax Engineering represents the Zimbabwean support and sales arm of the Hagglunds brand through Hagglunds and Hytec Bosch Rexroth South Africa

We provide solutions that give you the drive and control you need to gain maximum benefit from your investment. The best part, If your needs change, the solutions can be easily adjusted and upgraded, providing a versatile asset towards competitive advantage.