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Hilmax is an accredited distributor for Hytec, a joint venture with Bosch Rexroth

At Hilmax we supply complete Hydraulic Sotuions that include components and systems, expert repair, testing, calibration and installation services. Hytec Group Company is the largest supplier of hydraulic components and systems in Africa. Hytec appointed Hilmax Engineering (PVT) Ltd as the authorized Hytec distributor in Zimbabwe. Hilmax Engineering now distributes the entire range of Hytec Group products in Zimbabwe.

Hilmax has developed extensive experience in the field of industrial hydraulics; this has enabled us to offer a wide range of hydraulic solutions to better serve our clients increase their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. We are a key industrial hydraulics provider with a range comprising standard products; application-related systems and state-of-the-art customized customer-specific hydraulic solutions. From hydraulic pumps and cylinders to hydraulic motors, valves, hoses and more, our powerful and extremely efficient products can be easily integrated in state-of-the-art machinery concepts. We have a dedicated team of workforce that will serve you through the entire life cycle from initial contact through to commissioning.

When you invest in Hilmax solutions you can be sure you will reap the benefits of a perfect application-specific drive solution.

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