Belting Products


Hilmax Engineering is an accredited distributor of Interflex Conveyor Systems. Interflex is one of the leading players in the belting industry, backed by outstanding conveyor belt technology and expertise, The belt technology from Interflex can be found wherever raw materials are extracted, processed and distributed.

Interflex is the largest supplier of conveyor belting in the Southern Hemisphere. conveyor belting from Class 250 to Class 2000 and widths ranging from: 300mm – 1500mm wide. Our range includes Polyester- Nylon (fabric) and Steel cord belting in all grades (Oil Resistant, Flame Resistant, Heat Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Cut and Gouge Resistant etc

Steel cord reinforced
  • High strength, long distance
  • heavy load, superior adhesion
Textile reinforced
  • Mining, industrial processing
  • quarrying and agriculture
  • Underground coal, power stations
  • chemical and metallurgy
Heat resistant
  • Medium to high temperature
  • coke, cement, burnt lime, chemicals


Belt Splicing
  • steel cord splicing, textile reinforced splicing, PVC splicing, pulley lagging and repairs
Belt winding
  • for easy recovery include stationary and mobile winders and are designed based on the application criteria. We cater for all belt widths up to 2200mm
Rubber pulley
  • Large range of rubber pulley lagging and adhesives. Large and small diamond paterns as well as fire retardent lagging. Our range also include a bonder layer option.
  • Rubber vulcanizing equipment for stationary and mobile applications. Our range include pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical presses available in all belt widths and splice lengths.