Fitting & Fabrication


We specialise in the custom design of transfer point solutions. Hilmax Engineering is an Authorised Agent for Weba Chute Systems. The systems are designed using the principle of conveyed material impacting on surfaces that already contain material and are configured to control the direction, flow and velocity of the calculated volume and type of material processed.

Systems are custom designed for specific applications taking into account factors such as belt width, belt speed, material sizes, shape and throughput. To date there are approximately 4000 successful installations throughout the world handling a variety of different materials.


Ultimate design configuration
Best belt cleaning arrangement
Ideal material flow
Selection of optimum belt type
Selection of optimum belt size
No spillage, No bulky designs
No start-up period problems
No impact idlers

Advantages of Weba Technology | Perfomance

Engineered to handle product surges
Greatly reduced maintenance costs
Reduction in material degradation
Uneven belt loading eliminated
Greatly reduced spillage
Improved safety
Inspection doors
reduced blockages